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Combo Sale: Special Holiday Sale Buy & Save

Combo Sale: Special Holiday Sale Buy & Save

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Buy 2 Special combo Sale Save $60.00 Plus a Maya Capsules Value $30.00 plus discounts included total saving of $70.00!

The Bio Electric combo consists of the following. 

Maya Liquid, nourish the blood.

Bio kit (consist if BioI & BioII )

Bio I   nourisher

BioII   mini cleanse

Drink Electric Contains Sea Moss & other sea vegetables. Over 120 trace minerals 

Nervino = our bodies are electrical

/Thus, we must always nourish our central nervous system.

Plus extra free Maya capsules 

All Products are the original formulas created by Dr. Sebi & Maa over 50yrs ago.

Recommend taking Maya, Bio I BioII  Nervino Drink electric. 

All together daily.  Feel the difference today.