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                   Originally created by Maa & Dr. Sebi over 45yrs ago 

           The Fig Tree Bio Electric & Usha Herbal Research Institute 


 Founded by Dr. Sebi & Maa  Established the Intra-cellular Cleanse program

Bio-mineral balance, through bio-electric cell food and The Fig Tree Products. Dr, Sebi and Maa spousal team started researching Plants,herbs and the medicinal benefits via  Bio-chemistry, herbology ,nutrition and genetics thus naming the Research aspects after their daughter Usha.  The birth of  Usha Herbal Research Institute. All products formulated by Dr. Sebi and Maa

Stay tuned to hear the true story of each product, starting from early 70;s how Dr. Sebi and Maa  formulated  each product  the funny, scary true clients experiences, testimonies as a result of various Fig Tree products.


The Fig Tree Bio Electric Cell Food :West Palm Beach FL  33409

The Fig Tree Nutraceuticals            :Brooklyn NY 11205

Usha's Corner                                 :FL,NYC


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305-910-7624  Usha Bowman    VP /  Sen. Exec Counselor 

 Maa Bowman   Founder/CEO 

305-987-0202  Weyi Bowman  FL Office 





Maa S. Bowman Maa@thefigtreeonline.com = Founder/VP/Sen Exe Counselor  

                                                                           Speaker, Herbalist, Nutritionist

Customer Service=  CS@thefigtreeonline.com

Usha A. Bowman Usha@thefigtreeonline.com =  CEO 

Weyi Bowman     Weyi@thefigtreeonline.com   CEO FL

Customer Service= CS@thefigtreeonline.com

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